I am a male, and I like to paint flowers, however art is soul, and soul has no gender. I admire their femininity, sophistication and luxurious feeling. Flowers can be also for free, I know flowers makes many people happy. Flowers talk to us, they have feelings and emotions, I listen them. 

People, plants and animals are the things that have souls. Their souls are what make them living things. I ended with Contemporary Flowers, due to my compromise with Life and Beauty. 

I don't like art that promote fear, guilt, anger, instability, or non consensual violence, separation (including racism) or damage things and emotions, because in the long run, all this creates disappointment. Is okay, some people seems don't like or don't believe in the power of nature, or don't follow or respect the rights of nature; is normal in a big world where there we are so many people, and so many discrepancies.

Early life: 
I was born in the beautiful Spain/Catalonia countryside in a family farm. 

My gens, my ancestors and my first language are Catalan.

After the spanish civil war, my father started a manufacturing business derived from his farm products. 
From 19 to 25 years old I studied Fine Arts in Facultat de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi, Barcelona University, where I got my degree in Fine Arts.

My artwork is unique and exclusive, and is in many important private and public collections. 
Jaume at early age
Jaume today
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Guessing the future of art:
To rush to the future, can be stressful. It is important to live the present, because everything happens for the first time. Looking and improving, for a better future is truly important, but this doesn't mean we have to live in the future. 

Sometimes artist wants to send a message that perhaps it comes from their subconscious mind, because something motivating is there, but they don’t know exactly what it is, and they try to find out doing the artwork. In my particular case my message I believe it comes from both my subconscious and my conscious mind, it seems both have the same interest: Nature, not only because has so much beauty, also because Nature is the solution to many diseases and to many things.

Some people is asking me, what is Art? They say: there are many thinks in Contemporary Art it make me hard to understand. My advise is: follow your heart, your emotions and your feelings, "if you hear a bell", is good art for you, maybe not for everybody, but if is for you, this is what it counts to make yourself interested.  People tend to like art that has soul on it.  Contemporary Art is the art of today, and it is important to understand that everybody is different, and everybody has different needs, this will help you to understand Contemporary Art. 

Early age from 1975 to 1981