Jaume, whose floral watercolors remain exposed in 
Montserrat Gallery, 584 Broadway, from October 14, 
they are all the most important of his amazing 

Paint a bouquet of flowers successfully in the difficult technique 
it is watercolor, while maintaining the pure 
delicacy that gives it life, is a task that requires 
almost ecstatic concentration of a Zen master. 
they have freshness and spontaneity, making the act of 
created a wonder on the same level as the themes that 
he paints.

Jaume's bright watercolors are marked by a 
surprising economy that captures the transitory quality of 
all organic life, highlighting themes 
philosophical as well as aesthetic. With luminous layers of 
color, it produces the deadly flower, often surrounded by 
paler nuances that seem to suggest his spiritual aura. 
Always, the floral image is suspended inside a 
white paper extension whose perfect purity highlights 
its exquisite fragility.

The harmonious placement of each bouquet or loose buds 
blooming in this spacious field of ethereal whiteness gives 
as a result compositions with almost hypnotic force, 
compared favorably with the masterpieces of the 
Chinese classical flower paintings. Except Jaume, few 
western artists have captured with such profound 
simplicity and elegance the ephemeral insinuations of 
mortality that flowers suggest to consciousness 

In some of these untitled watercolors we see a single flower 
suspended in the center of the composition with a large 
dignity. Especially beautiful is a brilliant red rose, 
supported by a winding thorny stem, its brilliance 
scarlet bravely outshining green hues 
more translucent than its shapely leaves. Here one 
is moved by the splendid beauty of the cocoon 
lonely, glowing votively, like an offering in 
tribute to the eternal mysteries of the human heart, whose 

Visceral resemblance is metaphorically suggested by its shape. 
Jaume's other paintings focus on delicate groups of 
multicolored wildflowers, put together in bright 
bouquets. These garlands, glorious despite being humble, 
express the reverence with which we sacrifice flowers 
caught to express emotions and feelings for 
which we cannot find words.

With great technique and sensitivity, Jaume soaks his 
splendid floral compositions in watercolor with a large 
number of symbolic meanings, and the combination of said 
effect constitutes a true Valentine to the force of 
life, giving their images a great mystery and power.

  Claude LeSuer
The supernatural subtlety of his palette and apparently his 
easy composition skills not only demonstrate their 
technical skill, but also the spiritual devotion of the 

In the long history of human response to 
beauty, few things have caused more inspiration than 
flowers; going back as far as possible in the aesthetics of 
man, the human eye has delighted in these little 
masterpieces of natural art. the infinite variety of 
colors and floral shapes have served as a symbol 
joyous of spiritual perfection as a tragic symbol 
of the inevitable decline. Artists have tried 
always stop the irresistible passage of time and shape 
lasting to the transient beauty of the rose.

Flowers are famous in all visual media, but 
perhaps none as appropriately as in the 
watercolor, a symbolically ideal material to reproduce 
the fluid and the ephemeral.

Jaume works those extraordinary floral watercolors with 
an almost mystical reverence for the theme that characterizes 
to the authentic devotee. His exhibition of his works 
Recent at the "Montserrat Gallery", 584 Broadway, between 
Houston and Prince show a sensitivity that is 
in addition to being respectful of precise detail, 
obsessed with dreams; the supernatural subtlety of 
his palette and apparently his easy compositional mastery did not 
they only demonstrate their technical prowess, but also the 
spiritual devotion of the hierophant.

Jaume has exhibited in London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​and others 
major cities in europe. Material selection 
knows no limit. its range is as wide as that of 
nature itself, from the humble wild flower to 
the most sophisticated hybrid and from the simple solitary 
flower to the abundant profusion of a varied bouquet. But it is 
in the most modest wild flower where her work 

The tiny cocoons, painted with their 
detailed particularity with great delicacy, it 
make Jaume's work a statement 
spiritual, affirmations of a divine force captured 
both in the most insignificant bud and in the flower 
more striking open.

Jaume works magically preserving the freshness of 
the original flowers, each petal and each leaf are unique. 
Work is simple as simple as a simple flower 
wild and as complex as the universe. The 
depth and volume of the images appears reinforced 
for its isolation: each one floats in space, surrounded 
for a milky whiteness, nothing to distract the eye of the 
Delicate blues, pinks and greens of the theme.

The flowers in Jaume's paintings are the center of his 
own universe, both sacred problems and 
botanical illustrations. Flowers can produce a 
amount of drama without any limits a bouquet or even 
a solitary flower can produce a sensational effect, 
but Jaume prefers to keep his exaltation to a higher level 
soft. the result has an impact that is not at all 
except that of a striking tropical exposition. the beauty 
quiet, insinuating the Jaume flowers take over 
of the eye snatched away with the force of a fragile columbina 
that makes its way through the concrete of the streets of the 

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